Brandy (satanic_viper) wrote in theviperproject,

twas the night before school

Addison was staring at all of her clothes inside her walk-in closet, scanning the racks and trying to find something that she'd deem suitable for tomorrow. There were so many things to wear, so many combinations, but nothing seemed to look good. That might have been because she was scrawny, wore braces, and had a lisp. Nothing made her body look good, nothing could draw attention away from the metal in her mouth, and nothing would stop her from sounding so dorky.

Tomorrow was the first day of her senior year, and she still felt like she was just that out of place freshman walking onto the school campus for the first time. She hadn't grown the way the other girls did, their beauty outshining everything; curves in all the right places, cleavage to turn any guy's head. Addison was just Addison.

Sighing, she walked out of her closet and went to pick up the cordless phone next to her bed. She dialed the familiar number of her best friend, Naomi, and waited until she picked up.

"I have no idea what to wear," Addison said into the phone exasperatedly.
Tags: addison, rp
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