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For Brandy (Sheng Ri Kuai Le, Hao Peng You)

"I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn, and we are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them, and we help them in return. Well, I don't know if I believe that's true. But I know I'm who I am today because I knew you. - Glinda, from Wicked

It's kind of ironic that I'm typing this up for my midnight buddy in the middle of the afternoon (or I started in the middle of the afternoon and then Mom had to pick me up so I have to finish now) , but I guess that kind of describes us. I think the fact that we're friends is kind of ironic, considering that I was definitely not your favorite person in the world at first, and I was kinda scared of you. (well, really scared of you). But somehow, we did manage to become friends. I'm not really sure how or when that happened (probably around November-February?), but I am so incredibly thankful that it did. You were always there for me when I had exams or homework, needed to sound off about something (big or small), procrastinate...*coughcough*

The more I got to know you and some of the people around you, I began to realize what an incredible person you are. I don't think you realize how many people you have made more than happy to call your friend, how loved you really are.

And I know how we love to joke about our dark and twistiness (fellow Meredith shoutout over here *wink*), but you give off this light. I'd love to call it bright and shiny, but I'm going to pull away from the cliches for a second. I'm know I'm not the only one who sees it. And I think Kim said it best (she does that a lot) when she said that the world was changed forever when you were born. I didn't meet you by accident. I believe I met you for a reason, and I believe (like the song quoted-which you should totally listen to) that knowing you really has changed me for the better. I don't know where I'd be without you, especially in a year as hard as this one has been for me. I can only hope that we stay friends through the years ahead.

So, as you begin again (sounds cheesy but birthdays are a new beginning, and I know how much we love those), I just want you to remember that you are human, and that as long as your heart's in the right place (I have no doubt it is), you'll be just fine. And remember that people like me are going to be standing behind you every step of the way, ready to catch you if you ever start to slip.

So, midnight buddy...Meredith...Brandy, enjoy your day (so sorry I couldn't get this up earlier), your year, the fact that you can now vote and go to college, and the fact that you are now legally able to drink (in Mexico). Sparkle on. <3

Kylee (Sparkle ^^)

So before we start, here we have everyone's swimsuits: Mine, Kim's, April's, Caissa's, and Judy's. I think we'll all know what Brandy's looks like. :D

And here are our club clothes (before we change): Me, Kim, April, Caissa, Judy (the blue one), and The Birthday Girl.

Plane clothes...I'm only doing tops. Just pretend you're wearing these with jeans. Me, Kim, April, Caissa, Judy, Birthday Girl

Some pajamas thrown in for good measure: Me, Kim, April, Caissa, Judy, Birthday Girl (the pink and gray one...because it's pink and I can :D)
"No flipping way."

"What? Can you not go? Can she not go? Is this thing broken?" Kim tapped the phone impatiently.

"I put the phone down for like three seconds," said Kylee, rolling her eyes. "Seriously. Calm down. Breathe. In, out. In, out. This is going to work out fine."

"So what were you no flipping way-ing about?" asked April, turning to toss the bottle of sunscreen in her leopard-printed luggage.

"I finally found my swimsuit!" exclaimed Kylee. "They were right behind the drawer here..."

"Huh?" asked April.

"Her rainbow-sparkle swimsuit," laughed Kim. "It's her favorite."

"I'm going to put you on speaker," said Kylee. "I cannot for the life of me find my shorts."

"Hot pink ones with rhinestones on the sides?" asked April. "Yeah...I might have those...from that night we were in New York?"

"Oh yeah!" exclaimed Kylee. "Pack those, would you?"


"Hm..." said Kim. "Am I crazy to pack two luggages? I mean...we'll only be there a week..."

"Do it," said April and Kylee simultaneously.

"I will need something for all the stuff I buy," said Kim, plopping herself down on the zebra printed luggage to close it. "Okay. Let's go over it again. I'll get there at seven...everyone else gets there a little after that...Judy gets in at 7:56...what's up with the fifty-six?"

"Whatever," said April. "Considering we have to find our luggage...I say we meet at what, 8:30...8:45?"

"That'll do it."

"You should get to bed," said Kylee. "Both of you have really early flights. And I have to negotiate a pair of flip-flops from Potato."

"I'm going to call Judy and Caissa."

"Don't stay up too late," said April. "Sleep. Sleep is good, remember?"

Kim ignored her. "Guys, tomorrow we're all going to be together."

There was a pause. "I do believe a little squeal of happiness is in order," giggled Kylee.


"See you tomorrow!"


"Love you guys!"

" you too."



"Okay, seriously guys, we have to get off the phone."

"Count of three?"

"One, two..."

"THREE!" Everyone pushed END. April kicked her luggage to a corner of the room. Kylee left to find Potato. Kim flopped down on her bed and pressed her speed dial.
"I brought my camera," yawned Caissa. "And my clothes. And sunscreen. And aloe vera. And a notebook thingy. And my sunglasses...I'm really tired."

Kim laughed. "I didn't notice. I'll let you go. What we don't have, we can obviously buy. Don't forget money for duty-free!!!"

"Damn. That's all the way across the room," Caissa grumbled. "Hold it."

"Night. Get some sleep!"


Kim's phone rang again. "Judy?" she asked. "What's up?"

Judy unbraided her hair with one hand, fluffing it in the mirror. "I have a question. Who's bringing the meds?"

"Say what?"

"We're going to Mexico. And no one's bringing meds?"

Kim grinned. "I bet you are."

"Pepto...Advil...Imodium...whatever you need."

"What would we do without you?"

"I really don't know," laughed Judy. She looked at the clock. "Crap. Go to bed. Don't you have to go through customs twice tomorrow?"

"Damn terrorists," grumbled Kim. "Yeah. Oh well, a small price to pay for not being American," she joked.

"Wait," said Judy. "Brandy does know that we're coming, right?"

"Sure," said Kim, waving a manicured hand in the air. "Night!"

After several hours of half-concious flying, (seriously, who was going to sleep?) all five girls had somehow ended up at LAX on time (except for Judy who, as Kim had pointed out, landed at 7:57).

Caissa, the last to land, joined the group with her blue polka-dotted luggage in tow. "Seriously, I feel sorry for people with black luggage. The dude in front of me? They picked his up nine times before it got to him."

"Alright," said Kim. "Let's go get Princess out of bed."

"We're not taking a cab, are we?" asked April.

"Hell no. We're taking the van."

"We have access to every radio station and she listens to that?" asked Caissa.

"Try the earphones. They work really well," suggested April.

"Are you watching Gilmore Girls?" Kylee asked suddenly.


"Move over," said Kylee.

"Thank God," muttered Caissa.

"I like Hannah Montana," said Kylee.

"The turn's right there!" yelled Judy. "Turn, turn, turn...AHHH!!!"

Kim turned sharply, throwing everyone against the right side of the car. "We're here!"

All five girls hopped out of the car and used the key underneath the flower pot to get inside. Meanwhile, Brandy slept peacefully in her bedroom.

"Count of three," whispered April outside her room. "One, two...three."


Brandy rolled over and put her pillow over her head. "If I open my eyes and see the five of you standing there..."

"No time for that," said Caissa impatiently. "We have a plane to catch. Up! Someone pack for her, would you?"

Brandy turned over, shocked. "Oh my God. You're not a dream."

"Unfortunately, no," grinned 'April. "Do we have time for her to change?"


"Okay, Brandy, we're going to kidnap you now," said April brightly.

"Heels or boots?" asked Judy.

"Both," said Brandy. Judy tossed them into the suitcase. "Where are we going?"

"Mexico. Cancun to be exact," said Kylee, yanking out half Brandy's closet and throwing it to Judy.

"I should totally kill you," muttered Brandy.

"You're not going to kill us," said Kim. "You totally love us. LET'S MOVE OUT, PEOPLE!"

"God help me."
"You know what I love about airport food?" asked Kylee, stuffing half the pretzel into her mouth.


"No matter how hard you try, it just doesn't fill you up," she said. "Hey look, Starbucks!"

"Coffee!" yelled April. The group of six immediately veered off toward the right.

"And it's right next to a magazine shop," said Kylee. "God likes us." She ran to the stand and started grabbing magazines.

"These prices are outrageous," said Judy. "Can we please just..."

"No way," said Caissa. "We're only supposed to use our powers for good....wait, who am I kidding? Go for it!"

"You do it, Brandy," said Judy. "It's your birthday."

Brandy rolled her eyes, let out her ponytail, and walked up to the counter. "Hi there," she said, smiling sweetly at the cashier. "Listen, could you do me a little favor?"
"Hell, I wanted a couple dollars off...I didn't mean to get all of them free," said Brandy.

"Don't be ashamed of your gift," said Kim. "Embrace it."

"Okay," said Kylee. "I have People, Life and Style, Glamour, Star even though it's a piece of crap, O, Seventeen, and Self."

"Very nice," complimented April.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. First class and preboarding for Flight 4562 with service to Cancun is now boarding. Please have your ticket and boarding pass ready."

Kim started to walk toward the gate.

"No way," said Brandy.

"Way," said Kylee. "We're flying first class, up in the sky..."

"I love you," said Brandy.

"Told ya," giggled Kim.
"The Sexy Six Invade Cancun," said Caissa. "Sounds like a porn movie."

Kylee's laugh rang out over the whole airplane. She clasped her hands over her mouth. "I shouldn't have had that second frappaucino. I'm shaking. I can't stop shaking."

April rolled her eyes. "Well could you stop shaking the table? The DVD player is shaking."

On the left side of the plane, they were equally as pumped.

"So I check my mail yesterday and Kate sends me a birthday card," said Brandy. "That is so sweet of her, don't you think?"

"I tried to invite her," said Kim, "but she's filming, you know? She did, however..." Kim rummaged in her carry-on. "...send this."

"Is that?" 

"It is."

"Holy crap!" said Judy.

"Now it's not the same one, obviously, but it is an exact copy."

Kylee, on the other side of the airplane, popped the earphones out of her ears. "April!" She pulled out hers too.

"What are you doing? I love this's the part where..."

"Kate sent Brandy her swimsuit!"

"It's not hers, " said Kim. "That would be um...weird. Nah, it's just the same..."

"Good enough for me!" interrupted Caissa. "You are so wearing that thing."

"Duh," said Brandy. She held it up to herself. "This probably fits perfectly too."

"Oh, I didn't know we were doing birthday presents," said Kylee. She pulled out a lumpy package from her carry-on. "Knock yourself out."

Brandy opened it. "Build-a-Bear Hello Kitty?"

"In a happy birthday costume," said Kylee. "I would have gotten you a cow, but the stupid idiots discontinued it."

"Well hey, thanks."

"Pardon the interruption, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. We will be landing shortly. Please turn off all cell phones and pagers, stow away all carry-on items, and please return all tray tables to their upright position."

"I can't believe this is happening!" exclaimed Kylee, bouncing up and down in her chair.

"Excuse me, ma'am," said the flight attendant, coming up beside April. "Would you please put up your table?"

April looked up. "Um yeah..." she said, gesturing him closer with one finger. "Listen..." She took a quick look at his nametag. "...Gary. How about you just let me keep this down. It'll be our little secret, okay?"

"It's for your own safety..."

"I'm a big girl," said April. "I think I'll be fine." Gary nodded, grinned, and walked away. Kylee put her head between her knees to stifle her laughter.

"He's cute," said Caissa. "I should leave my tray table down more often."
"Now remember," said Kylee. "Do not stop until you're outside. Only talk to men in blue shirts because everyone else is trying to sell you something, and if anyone gets roped into time share, I'm going to be pissed."

"Damn, it's hot," said Judy, taking off her jacket as they approached the end of the terminal.

"Just stare straight ahead," whispered Kylee.

"That's going to be pretty hard. Everyone's staring at us," hissed April. Still, the six did manage to get outside, onto the bus, and checked into the hotel.

"Room now or later?" asked Caissa.

"Later," said Kim. "The luggage men are taking up our bags."

"Luggage men?" asked Brandy.

"They're men. They carry our luggage," said Kim. "This is your day. No responsibility whatsoever."

"Whatever you say," laughed Brandy.

"BEACH!" exclaimed Judy.

Kylee kicked off her flip-flops and ran to the water, screaming the whole time. The other five quickly joined her.

"I never get tired of the ocean," said Brandy, going under and coming back up again.

"Brandy, you splashed me!" exclaimed April, trying to her her hair out of her face.


April splashed her back. "Yeah, I bet."

"Don't aim for me, aim for her!" protested Caissa, splashing April back.

Judy lay back and kicked, splashing water over the other five. "I think this problem could be solved rather easily.

"WATER FIGHT!" yelled Kim. For a few minutes, nothing could be heard except the splash of the water and the screams of the girls.

"I'm bored," said Caissa. "Let's get some drinks by the pool."

"I officially love all-inclusive resorts," said April.

"I love being eighteen," said Brandy. "I get to vote, go to college, be an adult, drink in Mexico..."

"Well, don't rub it in," said Kim in mock protest. "There are some of us that still have to con the drinks out of the bartenders."

"It's not that hard, though, " said Judy. "Most of them don't understand English anyway."

"And that, my friend," said Kim, "is why I love Mexico."

"Three margaritas and three Shirley Temples!" hollered Brandy.

"Make that four," said Kim.

"You know what a Shirley Temple is?" asked Kylee. "Pure sugar."

"Make that six!" yelled Brandy.

"You know what I love?" asked Caissa. "Drunk people. Look at that." All six girls turned in time to see an extremely sunburned man trip and bellyflop into the pool. They held their drinks up out of the water.

"Hey, let's toast!" said April. "To Brandy on her birthday. Ready?"

Everyone banged their drinks down on the bar twice before drinking.
"So we leave for the clubs at 5," said Kim. "That's hour. Shit. Time to get out!"

"Aw," said Judy. "Ben and I have been really getting to know each other, huh Ben?" Ben waved.

"Have I mentioned that I love Cancun?" she asked.

"Come on," said April, grabbing her arm. "You can talk to Ben later. Nice to meet you, Ben!" Ben waved again. "Six people. One shower. You do the math."


"Right. Let's go."
"Oh my God."

"It's the honeymoon suite," said Caissa. "Rather appropriate, don't you think? We always did make too much noise."

"I call shower!" yelled April, sprinting across the room into the bathroom. "Oh my God, there's a jacuzzi!!!"

"And a mini bar!" exclaimed Kylee.

"I think all of us could fit in this bed," said Judy. "It's huge!"

"But look, there's a foldout couch too," said Caissa. "Fourteen people could sleep in here."

"It's almost worth getting married just so I could have this room," said Kylee. "Look how bouncy this bed is!" She started jumping up and down.

"Because we all know that you're going to jump on the bed when you get married," said Brandy, rolling her eyes.

"Done!" yelled April. "Who's next?"

"So if you feel me let me know, know, know
Come on now what you waiting for, for, for
My engine's ready to explode, explode, explode
So start me up and watch me go, go, go, go"

"Rihanna really likes to repeat stuff," observed Judy. "I wonder why."

"Shhh!!! I like this part!" yelled Kylee.

"Now shut up and drive drive, drive, drive
Shut up and drive drive, drive, drive)"

"Still hate us?" asked Kim.

"No," said Brandy, rolling her eyes. "I love all of you."

"Yay!" yelled Kylee. "Group hug!"

"I'm kinda driving..." said April.

" hug without April."


"Fine. Put it in cruise control." All six girls quickly hugged before April hurried back to the wheel in time to avoid a Pepsi truck.

"Okay, we're here. Wait in the car," said Kim. She got out and walked in.

"What's she doing?" asked Brandy.

"I don't know," said Kylee. "Look at that line."

A few minutes later, Kim was back out. "You guys might want to change into your work clothes. We're working tonight."

"You got us a job in Cancun?" asked April. "No way."

"Way. Come on, they're waiting for us to get on stage."

"There's a stage?"

"Oh come on," said Kim. "It's like you guys have never done this before. Let's go."
Judy got to the mic first. "Hey, what's up Me-xi-co!!!!" She was met with cheers. After all, the Sexy Six were known worldwide. "Well, listen up. It's my friend's birthday and we want to give her a party. Can you guys do that for us?" More cheers. "Okay, let's get this party started!!!"

"You got me a club for my birthday?" yelled Brandy.

"What, did you think that we're just up here randomly?" yelled Caissa.

"I'm going to get some drinks!" yelled April.

"I'll come with you," hollered Kylee. "Dancing's always better with a drink in hand." She grabbed April's hand and they jumped off stage.

"Six sex on the beaches," said April.

The bartender looked up, amused. "Sex on the beach? How about sex on the bar?" April and Kylee took one look at each other and stared back at the bartender. Finally, he had to look away. "You guys are tough," he commented, handing over the drinks.

"So we're told," said Kylee, turning away with the drinks. By the time they'd made their way back up on stage, the girls had already collected lots of money.

"It's all in pesos," said Judy, disappointed. "Where are the dollars?"

"Right here!" Kim held up some money happily.

"So Brandy," said April. "We just met the funniest bartender..."

"That's a great idea!" yelled Brandy. "Let's go dance on the bar!" She grabbed April by the wrist and ran off stage.

"That's not what she said, was it?" asked Caissa, coming up beside Kylee.

"It's fine. Just keep dancing," said Kylee, leaning forward to accept yet another hundred pesos.
Luckily there was just enough room for two people on the bar. Brandy and April had just found their spots when Brandy felt something cold on her foot.

"Watch what you're doing!" she yelled down below. April saw that it was the same bartender from earlier.

"I could say the same!" he yelled. "You could puncture a hand with those heels!"

"Excuse me," said Brandy to April. She hopped down onto the floor. "Who are you?"

"I work here," he said. "I'm Josh. Who are you?"

"They call me Viper."

Up on the bar, April flashed a thumbs-up to the girls on stage. They waved back.
"That was the best night ever. I mean, it was so fun. And I'm not even that drunk," said Caissa, waving her hand around vaguely.

"Wheeee!!! Did you know that this chair swivels?" asked Kim. She spun around in the passenger seat. "Our van is made of awesomeness."

"What time is it?" asked Kylee.

"It's like, two in the morning," said April.

"I want more sex on the beach," said Judy. "That was good."

"We are so dirty," said Kim. "Dirty...and swively." She spun around again. "Hey Brandy, how are you and barboy?"


"He's a boy and he works at a bar! It's not that hard people," laughed Kim. "I must be drunker than I thought."

"We're here!" announced April. "What's our parking spot again?"


"Okay. We're good. What do you want to do now?"

"Picture on the beach!" exclaimed Kylee.

"In these shoes?" asked Caissa. "Are you kidding me?" Kim was already dragging her out of the car. "Fine. But you're totally paying for these if they break."

Together, they made their way down to the beach and flopped down in the sand.

"Our clothes are going to be all gross now."

"I don't care."

"Me either."

"Okay, let's take the picture!!!"

"But we're already down here. Why do we have to get back up?"

"Quit your whining. Get up."

"I hate you."

"How many times do I have to remind you? Don't say that. You always end up taking it back."

"We have six cameras. Who's going to take the picture?" asked April.

"You guys are staying here?" asked someone, walking up the beach. "I hope you didn't just come here. That would be trespassing."

"Hey! It's Barboy!" whispered Kim loudly. "Hi Barboy!" She turned to Brandy. "I officially hate you. I hope you know that."

"You're staying here?" asked Judy.


"You mind taking our picture?"


"Model pose, ladies," ordered Caissa.

"I'll take it on the count of three. One, two...three!"

When they looked at the picture afterwards, everyone was smiling.
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