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Dearest McWifey

Ross is the "Rossatron."  I am the "Procrastinatron."  Seriously, I've known your birthday was coming for ages because, well, one's birthday really doesn't change from day to day, but I've been really lax on doing anything for you.  Maybe I'm just uncreative.  Maybe I'm just lazy.  It's probably the latter, but regardless, I'm getting a really late start on this.

In a lot of ways it fails to combine all the sentimental things I could say.  There's just... nothing I've never said.  I love you, and you know as well as I do all that entails.  So, instead of the sentimental I decided to capture things that make me think of you.

rainbowtroutposter.jpg trout picture by pinkprincess06

Because, really, what two people disagree on food more than you and I?

booobsposter.jpg *booobs* picture by pinkprincess06

Cause Kate has fucking fantastic boobs

hotsexposter.jpg hot sex picture by pinkprincess06

Cause sex and you really do go hand in hand...

sexxxposter.jpg sexxx picture by pinkprincess06

I hope this is one that needs no explanation...

dynamicduoposter.jpg dynamic duo picture by pinkprincess06

Cause you're miss karaoke, and all I can think is that they look like they'd make a sexy singing group, no?


Well, honey, I hope you enjoy this.  I hope your day is fantastic.  18 is a great age.  You're a grown up.  I love you.
(i also like how i can't write anythng more than a simple sentence)


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