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For my McTwinny, With Love

Dearest Brandy,

You're one of my oldest Addek friends and the one who has stuck around the longest. We've been through so much together, from the TI yearbooks to creating Addektion, from the Squee Squad to the Spork Squad, to becoming Kate Walsh FC Mods (and then resigning).  I remember being excited at the prospect of recruiting another Addek to our ever-expanding family, and you're one of our most important additions. I've known you for over a year, and it's been a pretty damn good one. Hard to believe we've been friends that long!

You're always around whenever I need to talk, in need of a beta, or in need of an opinion. You're the reason Flick and I started Sexually Twisted Doctors, the reason I decided to continue the story on my own. You give me the motivation to write, to create fanart. You always give me the support I need, always a kind word to say. You always take a minute out of your day to look at something I made or a story I wrote, and words cannot express how much I appreciate everything you do. I love our long Facebook posts, the lengthy conversations we have, how we can discuss anything and agree on a lot of points. Seriously, all our GMTAs, we really do have this McTwinny power. I feel comfortable talking to you, which is good considering I'm pretty shy and don't confide in many. 

Yay for Asian pride and our love of boba and anything else Asian! And Private Practice. And Friends. And Addison/Addek/Kate. Someday we will make our boba maker and make millions. 

Happy 18th birthday and congratulations, you're officially an adult in Massachusetts! (for 43 minutes so far anyway)

McTwinnys for McLife!
<3 Allie



90 seconds couldn't come fast enough, thought Derek as he glanced at his watch anxiously.

89...90! Finally! It was time to unveil the naked truth. But before Derek could reach for the wet pregnancy test on the bathroom counter, Meredith Grey pranced in the trailer, unwelcome.

"Look at me!" she squealed happily, unable to take her hands off her chest, she was rubbing her new boobs fondly.

"Meredith! Ever heard of a thing called privacy!" Derek snapped and turned, which caused the test to fall in the toilet. "Stupid motherfucker," he cursed under his breath.

"What's that?" Meredith inquired, peering into the toilet bowl. She gasped "Is Addison pregnant?!" she demanded. If Addison was expecting, then it would answer all sorts of questions, she thought. Like why she was so horny all of a sudden.

"No! Get the hell out of here! And stop stuffing volleyballs under your shirt it's disgusting!" Derek yelled back, he had enough of her interruptions.

Meredith gasped, her mouth gaping with offense. "They are not volleyballs you imbecile! They are top quality breasts! And you wish that Addison had them."


Mark woke up at 6 am. Mark never wakes up at 6.

Mark got up and made coffee. Mark never makes his own coffee.

Mark bought a muffin at the bakery next to his hotel. Mark hates muffins.

Mark then got into his car and drove to the mall. Mark hates shopping, unless it's with a hot chick and he was bound to get laid afterwards...or sometimes during...

Now Mark was headed to the bookstore. He hasn't read a decent book since he graduated from college. It had just opened, a young woman was counting and recording books on a shelf. "Hi how may I help you?" greeted the saleswoman. "Can I offer you a Playboy magazine?" She pointed to the periodicals shelf. How did she read my mind?? thought Mark. To his surprise, he answered, "Not today." and headed towards the deeper end of the store, away from the exit. He saw what he wanted, gathered a few books in a pile, and headed towards the counter. "This should cover it," Mark murmured, dropping a bill on the counter.

The woman looked stunned. "Hundred bucks? That's way too much!"

"Keep it." Mark clutched the books even tighter.

"Just give me the books, I need to record them," the lady insisted.

"When you scan the books do you see the title?"


"Then no."

"Sir I'm going to contact security. I need to see the books." The woman was growing impatient and it was apparent on her face.

Mark sighed and relented. Being stubborn was getting him nowhere. "Fine. Only because you're hot."

The woman blushed. "Love: What is it? A Self-Help Book For the Lonely Bachelor" she said as she read the book's title. "What's so bad about that?"

Mark groaned. "Keep on going."

"If I Crave Love, I Deserve Love" The woman raised her eyebrows.

"Shh not so loudly!" Mark hissed, although the bookstore was quiet at 7:30 in the morning.

"How to Satisfy your Sexual Desire Without Driving Your Partner Away" The woman raised her eyebrows so high that Mark swore they would eventually hit the ceiling. "Hmm..." she hummed.

"They're...for my friend..." Mark cringed and said lamely.

The woman nodded slowly. "Uh huh...sure," she replied sarcastically. "I didn't even know we had those kinds of books," she muttered under her breath. She scanned the 4th book "The Bible?!?!"

"Hey hey hey...I'm discovering my inner faith." Mark insisted, with a huge toothy grin on his face.

"Faith in what, that the Playboy channel is going to show Anna Nicole Smith?" the woman murmured to herself.


Like the trophy wife she was, Adele Webber spent the whole morning baking a blueberry pie for her husband's birthday. She lovingly wrapped the pie tin in plastic wrap and was on her way to Seattle Grace.

She was dismayed to find Richard's office empty. She went to the nurses' station, filled with nurses who seemed to know everything from how to insert an IV line to who was the last woman Alex Karev slept with. "Nurse Debbie...I'm looking for my husband," she said sweetly.

Debbie looked up. "I saw him enter the on-call room over there. With a friend." She pointed to a closed door, which should have been a sign as to what was going to come next. But Adele unknowingly entered, gasped and dropped the pie she was holding in her hands.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!" Adele's shrieks were so loud it scared the birds within a mile radius of the hospital away. "RICHARD YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T CHEAT ON ME AGAIN!"

Burke looked up from under the covers. "Hello Mrs. Webber. Don't worry I'll be out of your way soon, I'm just fooling around with your husband. He's very good in bed." Burke sounded drugged.

"He's just exhausted." Richard explained meekly. "Late night."

"I can't believe you!!" Adele ran out of the room bursting in tears.

"Pie!" Burke squealed and retrieved the dessert Adele dropped in her surprise. He smeared blueberry all over Richard's bare abs. "Sexy..." he murmured as he licked it off, moving lower and lower.

Richard smothered his hands in the blueberry filling. "Screw hospital ethics," he declared as he groped Burke's ass, covering it with sticky fruit.

"I know who else you can screw," Burke grinned as he leaned into Richard.


Adele sobbed outside room 4132. Why 4132? Because of the hot woman resting inside, watching television. Adele had gotten over the Burke/Richard thing, now she was crying because she didn't know how to approach the patient whom she had strong sexual feelings for. It was like Cupid had struck her with an arrow. "Life is so unfair," she choked.

"Nurse? Nurse is that you?" Ellis Grey called out from her bed.

Adele gathered courage to enter. "Ellis Grey I love you with my whole heart!"

"Richard! You got that sex change surgery I told you to!" Ellis grinned happily.

Adele ignored the fact that this woman suffered from Alzheimer's and had no idea who she was. "Shut up," she whispered and leaned in to kiss Ellis.


"I hate you." Addison grumbled as she walked alongside Derek. "Izzie and I were just getting to the good part! And Cristina was going to join us after her surgery."

"You know it's an emergency." Derek cried desperately, not the least bit regretful that he interrupted Addison and Izzie. He couldn't risk buying another pregnancy test, not with the cashiers at CVS looking at him funny. He cursed Meredith once again.

"Explain to me why we're doing this again?" Addison struggled to button her blouse, and realized that it wasn't hers. Damn. No wonder it was so baggy. But Izzie had a great taste in clothes, Addison had to admit she liked her style.

"I'm having a crisis. I need you to do an ultrasound on me." Derek said anxiously, rubbing his stomach. A wave of maternal feelings rushed over him, and he had the strangest desire to pet a dog. And have sex...lots of sex.

"Oh, that. Why me?" Addison was still very bitter, she and Izzie were in the mood and Derek spoiled it. Plus her pants were falling down, in her haste she accidentally grabbed Izzie's and put them on. She wondered why Derek was in such a hurry.

"You do this for a living. I have no fucking clue how to operate this." Derek twirled the ultrasound wand absentmindedly when they entered the exam room. He laid down on the chair and lifted his shirt, exposing his bare stomach. He rubbed it with a smile.

"You owe me big time." Addison squirted cold gel on Derek's abdomen and glided the wand around. "I don't believe it..." she whispered. Was this medically possible? Addison had no reason to doubt her skills as a doctor, but would Derek believe her when she announced the news?

"What?? Stop looking like that!" Derek shrieked, immediately worried.

Addison cleared her throat and put the wand back in it's proper place. She hesitated, but said with an astonished expression, "Congratulations, you're pregnant. And it looks like you have gonorrhea."

At that moment Meredith pranced in yet again. In response to what Addison had said, Derek threw up all over Meredith. Morning sickness sucks, he thought...only it wasn't exactly morning. But he had to giggle at his perfect aim, his lunch was all over Meredith's chest.


After another night of wild, passionate sex, Finn and George were at it again in broad daylight.

"Hey I need to ask you something," said Finn as George planted kisses all over his neck. Finn had to admit, George was a perfect kisser, he knew where to apply pressure in all the right places. After George, Finn immediately forgot about Mark and Derek, who were better off by themselves anyway.

"Mhmm?" was George's reply as he started nibbling Finn's soft skin. He just couldn't get enough of him. George's lips were on Finn's upper body, while his hands travelled along his ass and thighs.

"George...can you get off for a sec?" Finn asked kindly, gently pushing him off. He had a surprise in mind, and wanted George's full attention on the matter.

George crumpled up in tears. "Yo-you don't want me! You think I'm horrible and you want me out of your bed and waaaaaaaah!" He ran out of Finn's room like a maniac, screaming things that didn't make sense.

"No I love you in bed!" Finn insisted as he ran after him. "You're the best I've ever been with..." Finn bit his lip, this was harder than he expected. Only George made him purr like a kitten and roar like a tiger. It was special, what they had.

"Then what is your problem?!" These days, there wasn't much more George wanted to do than spoon with Finn. And given his romantic history, he feared this relationship wasn't going to last too long like the others. Callie who?

Finn grabbed George's shoulders. He remarked that they felt as smooth as a baby's skin. "I love you George. You're the only person I want to sleep with. If I get herpes then it damn well better come from you. And only you. I want to wake up with you and fuck. I want to go to bed with you and fuck. And fuck all day in between. George O'Malley will you marry me?"


Do you want to know what happened to Meredith's panties? So do I.

Nurse Olivia found Meredith's panties discarded in the exam room where she and Derek had sex. Curious, she took off her pants and tried them on. It made her feel sexy, so she threw away all her clothes and decided to wander the hospital naked...with only a pair of black panties on.

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